Signature Engineered Solutions is a quality driven,
preferred source for highly engineered fasteners.

Strategically headquartered just outside Chicago, we are proud to partner with a globally competitive, world class supply chain to serve the ever-changing needs of the highly competitive Automotive, Heavy Truck, Heavy Equipment, Energies and construction industries.

We have expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry and with this we specialize in helping our partners via Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) channels with solutions for a vast array of critical applications. We are known for being the most reliable source when it comes to quality, delivery and cost. 

Signature Engineered Solutions is privately owned and  positioned for aggressive growth over the next 10 years and beyond. Contact us now to experience the SES difference. 

Signature Engineered Values

At Signature Engineered Solutions, we believe that quality will drive performance. From specialty headed and threaded products, snap attachment products to engineered plastics, our fastener products are built to meet your application needs. We provide a comprehensive range of fastening methods to help reduce the labor-intensive nature of product assembly, achieving proven success and maximum efficiency.

Full Service Application Expertise & Support

Signature Engineered Solutions Team provides lean product assembly solutions for original equipment manufacturers and related supply base. The SES team can help you solve your most complex applications with specialty threaded products, plastic and metal fasteners. Our team can help you manage your total fastener requirements from concept to production requirements.

Our People

Our people are our number one resource. Any company can offer a product or a service.
What we have done is made smart hiring and team building a top priority.

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