Threaded Fasteners

ses-threaded-retainersNut and Bolt Retainers

  • “Cage nuts”
  • Strength of cold-headed joint in hard to reach spots
  • Assembly aid
  • Reduced assembly labor
  • Multiple sizes available (M4.2 – M16)
  • Nut / Bolt can float to allow for build variances
  • Primarily used in chassis or under body applications

ses-threaded-ujnutsU-Nuts / J-Nuts

  • Pushes on to edge of panel
  • Thread engaging M4.2 – M10
    • Single impression (stamped)
    • Multi impression (2 threads)
    • Multiple threads (tapped barrel)
  • Prevailing torque is optional
  • With or without locking ring (“toilet seat”)
  • Serviceable joint
  • Used throughout the vehicle

ses-threaded-insertnutsInsert Nuts

  • Eliminate the need for tapping, welding, and brazing.
  • Upper sleeve and base has both internal and external threads.
  • Install in predrilled or punched holes in metal or rigid material