Snap Attachments

ses-snap-expansionnutsExpansion Nuts (Push Nuts)

  • Pushes into a square or rectangular hole
  • Can be used in plastic or metal panels
  • Thread Engaging M4.2 – M6
    • Single thread engaging (key hole)
    • Multiple thread engaging (drawn barrel)
    • Serviceable assembly
  • Product styles – expansion, robotic, box, plastic
  • Used extensively in interior applications and can be used in other parts of the vehicle

ses-snap-stampednutsStamped Nuts (Lock-Nuts)

  • Spin on thread engaging, or cuts its own thread in aluminum or plastic boss fasteners
  • Single or multiple thread engaging products
  • Variety of sizes (m4 – m14)
  • Variety of styles – acorn (decorative), lock nuts, self-threading nuts
  • Sealed joints possible
  • Used throughout vehicle

ses-snap-pushPush-On Clips

  • Metal and Plastic
  • Pushes over stud or screw to retain panel
  • Can be used in plastic or metal panels
  • 4mm stud to 1’’ threaded
  • Used on interior applications or temporary exterior applications

ses-snap-ringsCompression Rings

  • Provide structural support to plastic components
  • With and without shoulder
  • Allow for screw / bolt compression without torque relaxation
  • Push in / overmolded, or elastic type

ses-blind-rivetspinsRivets & Pins

  • Mainly used when access to the joint is only available from one side.
  • The rivet is placed in a pre-drilled hole and is set by pulling the mandrel head into the rivet body, expanding the rivet body and causing it to flare against the reverse side.
  • Available in various head styles with standard diameters of 1/8, 5/32 and 3/16 inch.
  • Availalbe in soft aluminum alloy, steel (including stainless steel)