Engineered Plastics

ses-plastic-tieTie Strap

  • Generally plastic material – Nylon 6/6
  • Retains a pipe, cable, tube,  to another, or to a panel
  • “Simple” or with attachment feature
  • Hand or tool assembly
  • Positive: Large diameter range -universal
  • Negative: Requires trimming
  • Used extensively in wire harnesses

ses-plastic-swivelSwivel Clips

  • Plastic material
  • Off-the-shelf  product family with limitless combinations (shorter lead time)
  • Individual components assembled for specific applications (male and female features)
  • Allows for orientation in any direction
  • Higher piece price due to assembly
  • Well suited for smaller volume projects or those without tooling budget

ses-plastic-multipleSingle / Multiple Retention

  • Plastic and metal
  • 1,2,3,4… retention points
  • Many configurations
  • Can be very application specific
  • Attachment in hole / slot, panel, or tube to tube
  • For large volume projects
  • Used underhood, fuel and brake line, wire harnesses


  • Plastic and metal
  • One piece or swivel clips
  • For fixing into a round, square, oblong hole, or onto an edge, stud, threaded hole
  • Designed to hold cables / pipe in place with tape
  • Can also attach with tie straps
  • Used extensively in wire harnesses